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As a young boy Matt always captivated all who he came in contact with . He started early on playing sports, baseball, soccer and basketball as well as swimming on his school swim team. Sports kept him and his parents very busy especially with  all his other commitments including piano and academics. So when he asked his mom and dad if he could take acting classes, he was always turned down and advised to play another season of sports. Eventually his persistence paid off, they enrolled him in a hip hop class at Pas de Duex (PDD) theater, where he thrived in dance. This still was not enough for Matt, the only classes they could find for him were musical theater, so thats what he took, soon after he started training he was casted in leading roles. Feeling bad for not doing it sooner, they enrolled him in the American Renaissance Academy, a performing arts college prep school in Kapolei Hawaii. There he learned and excelled in acting, dance, and music. In addition to his dance training at PDD and ARA Matt had the opportunity to audition and dance for world renowned choreographer Marcelo Placeb of 24/7 DanceForce in Kaneohe Hawaii. He took as many acting workshops that he could find in his hometown in Hawaii. In one of those works shops he was spotted by local talent agent/manager Nancy Bernal. She was interested in representing Matt. She sent him out on auditions where eventually he landed a role in Hawaii Five 0 and commercial jobs. Realizing that acting was Matt's passion and after enrolling him in an acting workshop in California Matt and his family decided to move him to CA where there was more opportunity training and audition for roles. Matt is represented in CA by the lovely Mara Santino of Luber Roklin and Milton Parea of AEFH. Matt just finished shooting a national commercial where you can see him on Disney and Nickelodeon July '17. Matt's has recently hit the studio and is so excited to release his first song " I Know" which will be released July '17


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